Today, following extensive discussions, the Chief Negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia, Besnik Bislimi and and Petar Petković, agreed in Brussels on the Energy Agreements’ Implementation Roadmap in the EU-facilitated Dialogue, which assigns specific obligations for both Parties.

The Roadmap sets out a clear timetable and concrete steps for the implementation of the Energy Agreements of 2013 and 2015. Both Agreements have been only partially implemented with relevant elements still outstanding.

With today’s agreement, Elektrosever, a Serbian owned company established in Kosovo and under Kosovo law, will start supplying electricity to customers in the four northern Serb majority municipalities. This paves the way towards ending the non-transparent and non-regulated current practice.

The European Union has requested the Energy Community Secretariat to monitor the technical implementation of the commercial arrangement between Elektrosever and KEDS, the Kosovo Energy Distribution Company.

The EU welcomes the adoption of the Roadmap as a step forward in the normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia to the benefit of all citizens and urges both Parties to make progress on all other outstanding implementation work. The EU thanks both Chief Negotiators for their commitment and responsible approach to the process, which led to today’s outcome.

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