From execution to taking over of works

Belgrade, January 21st, 2020

Today in hotel Life Design in Belgrade, EU PPF6 team organized training titled Infrastructure projects – Construction and supervision.

This practical seminar was aimed to better familiarize the employees in the ministries, city / municipal administration and public companies with regular supervision and monitoring activities on environmental construction projects as well as enhance their knowledge and skills in written communication on infrastructure projects.

In addition to verification of materials and compliance of the works with the contract, EU PPF6 trainers thoroughly explained the tests necessary at project completion when taking over the works, and the participants had an opportunity to practice the procedures for control of the performed works on specific cases.

In the context of infrastructure projects, Option Analysis of written and verbal communication was presented, namely official letters and emails, the application of which depends on understanding of the communication context and the users of information. Depending on the content, it is important to consider the possibility that the communication may become so-called audit trail, and even be used as evidence in the event of litigation.

Particular emphasis was placed on the main benchmarks and styles to be followed in written communication with international financial institutions and the EU, with examples of good practice and common mistakes. EU PPF6 training team elaborated in depth a specific example of a major infrastructure project from an end-user perspective, starting from project documentation preparation, procurement and contracting challenges, construction and supervision to taking over of works and defect notification period.

This training was attended by 29 representatives from the relevant Ministries (MEI, CFCU, MAFWM, MME, MD), 4 from city / municipal administration and 5 from PUCs.

For more detailed information and training material, please visit this page.