Belgrade, 6th February 2018

JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions), EUD, MEI, MAFWM representatives and EU PPF6 team had a working meeting in Belgrade to discuss draft ToRs for Kolubara, Loznica and Pancevo projects to be used by EU PPF6 team in preparation of technical documentation. The meeting was hosted by MEI.

EU PPF6 team elaborated the appraisals of each of these (waste)water infrastructure projects that will be implemented in the framework of EU PPF6 with emphasis that all required technical documentation to be prepared in the future should be prepared in accordance with the Serbian and EU legislation and/or best practices, with up-to-date design inputs. EU PPF6 team also prepared “Organisation and Methodology” for each of these projects where project management and logistics issues are addressed in more detail.

For each project, the EU PPF6 team will first prepare “Preliminary Design Report” presenting basic assessment of data collection, problem and option analysis. This report will be used, in fact, to define the scope of each project. With acknowledgment of the aforementioned, JASPERS continued with some valuable comments that will be addressed adequately in the later project stages.

For Loznica project, JASPERS experts recommended performance of WWTP location analysis and inspection of the existing embankment along the river Drina for sufficient flood protection for the future WWTP. For the purpose of identifying priority sewer sections for (re)construction, hydraulic modelling of wastewater collection network(s) will be performed.

For Pancevo project, Prefeasibility study (PFS) will be prepared in line with the EC Guide to CBA together with an environmental impact assessment in accordance with the Serbian legislation. PFS will later be used as an input for public hearing with the stakeholders in the process of preparing urban planning documentation. A list of industrial polluters in the area, including some wastewater load measurements will also be part of the PFS.

The Preliminary Design Report (PDR) for Kolubara project will present the functionality of the whole regional water supply system (RWSS) with special emphasis on proper analysis of water demands of all existing and future consumers. The results of the PDR will clearly indicate the most reasonable scope of the project and create basis for fur