Trainings started within EU PPF programme

Kraljevo, April 12th,2018

Today in hotel Turist in Kraljevo, the first training related to public procurement and contracting conditions was held for representatives of the city/municipal administration and local PUCs from Kraljevo, Krusevac, Brus and Blace. The training titled Public procurement of works according to PRAG rules and FIDIC Conditions of Contract was attended by 24 representatives from the local institutions. They had an opportunity to acquire understanding and basic knowledge in Public procurement of works according to PRAG rules and FIDIC organization, forms and content of contract. Improved knowledge in this area is critical for the participants that are directly or indirectly involved in preparation of tender documentation for waste water treatment projects in Brus, Blace and Kraljevo. Representatives of MEI, MEP and MAFWM – Republic Water Directorate (RWD) also supported and actively participated in the training.

This was the first specialised training organized by the EU PPF6 team. More than 20 general and specialised trainings for civil servants are planned to be organized in the next period.

For more detailed information and training material, please visit this page.