EU PPF8 – Modernization of Railway Traffic

March 3rd, 2020

The EU PPF8 project team of experts presented the technical solutions of the Draft Preliminary design for reconstruction of Velika Plana – Niš Railway on the Working group meeting for Modernization and reconstruction of Velika Plana – Niš Railway project in Belgrade today. The meeting was attended by the representatives of MEI, MCTI, Serbian Railways and EUD and they provided their comments on the submitted documentation.

Some parts of the technical documentation that are already completed, were presented at the meeting, including Option analysis, Traffic Study, Functional Operational Study, Conceptual Design, Feasibility Study with Cost-Benefit Analysis, Preliminary Design and EIA Study. Preparation of the Traffic Study was most critical goal in the document development process on basis of which the whole technical documentation will be finalized at a level of detail of Preliminary Design.

The EU PPF8 project unit was tasked to prepare the complete technical documentation for reconstruction and modernization of three sections along Velika Plana-Niš railway. These sections are part of corridor X and their upgrade will provide for revitalization and improved operation of the railway traffic on this route. The Preliminary design has been prepared in line with the ToR requirements. Its development was preceded by preparatory works including land surveying, geotechnical and hydrological investigations. Also, during the previous year, the necessary data regarding the existing level crossings and number of passengers in all railway and bus stations along this railway route were collected for the purpose of traffic planning. In accordance with the requirements of the EIA Study, sampling and testing of surface water and sediments, soil and ballast were performed for definition of “the environmental baseline”.