EU PPF trainings – Infrastructure projects for Energy efficiency

Belgrade, November 26th, 2019

Today, the third specialised training titled Planning, programming and financing of Energy Efficiency infrastructure projects was held with participation of 26 civil servants from the relevant Ministries and city / municipal administration.

At the very beginning, the EU PPF project team trainers presented the energy efficiency projects as an important part of the Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia until 2025 with projections until 2030, aimed at achieving lower prices and higher levels of social and economic sustainability, less pollution and better environmental protection. The strategic priorities include ensuring energy security, developing the energy market and transitioning to sustainable energy. The Implementation Program of the Energy Strategy of the Republic of Serbia provides an overview, timeframe and necessary resources for the projects that are grouped in the Strategy.

Investment decisions are attained with the aid of certain tools such as CBA Cost-Benefit Analysis, an analytical tool that determines the economic advantages or disadvantages of an investment decision. It covers technical and social validity, environmental sustainability, eligible costs, financial and economic analysis as well as project risk assessment. Tender documentation is prepared in accordance with international FIDIC rules, thus the types of FIDIC contracts were presented during the training as well as their use in practice. The participants were also acquainted with the responsibilities and obligations of the contracting parties and implementation of the contract activities in all stages.

As part of the practical exercises, trainees had the opportunity to make decisions and choose the appropriate FIDIC construction contract according to the assigned infrastructure project. The final part of the training discussed the key differences in preparation of tender documentation and procurement rules of the EBRD versus PRAG procedures.

For more detailed information and training material, please visit this page.