Belgrade, 13th April 2018.

The first meeting of the Belgrade EE project Working group with participation of the representatives of the Ministry of European Integration (MEI), RAREI, Ministry of Mining and Energy, EBRD, City of Belgrade, EU PPF7 and EU PPF6 project teams was held in the premises of MEI today.

EU PPF6 team representatives stated that preparation of As-built documentation and Energy & Technical Audit Reports is ongoing for all three buildings that are subject of this energy efficiency project: Student Healthcare Centre, City library and Student’s Hospital. List of rehabilitation measures and corresponding cost estimates for the most feasible investment scenarios for the Student’s hospital building will be prepared by the end of May 2018 while for the other two buildings is expected by the end of June 2018.

The MEI representatives emphasized that the Energy Efficiency measures should receive the highest priority level in the list of measures when preparing Energy Audit Reports.

As the existing condition of all three buildings is unsatisfactory for proper functioning of these facilities, EU PPF6 team will prepare at least three sets of EE and technical measures (minimal, reasonable and preferable) for each building in order to support an easy identification of the optimal investment scenario for their rehabilitation.

The RAREI and EBRD informed that the improvement measures will be co-financed by IPA and EBRD, for which total budget of around 15 million EUR had been allocated, to support rehabilitation of these three buildings, and Belgrade Emergency Health Centre that is project developed under UNDP management.