Project name European Union Project Preparation Facility
Project Sector Infrastructure (Environmental protection,Transport, Energy Efficiency, Social infrastructure)
Town/Region Republic of Serbia
Total worth 35.57 M €
EU Donation 34.24 M €
GoS Contribution 1.33 M €
Budget line IPA 2013, IPA 2014
Ongoing project schemes PPF6, PPF7, PPF8, PPF9, PPF10
Start year 2017
End year 2025
Contracting Authority Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Finance – Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes (CFCU)

Key Beneficiary Institution Ministry of European Integration
Social media account @euppf
Hashtag #euzatebe, #euppfsrbija

The EU PPF programme is financed by the EU and Government of Serbia and managed by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Finance – Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Funded Programmes (CFCU) and the Ministry of European Integration.

The Ministry of European Integration is the key programme beneficiary.

Line Ministries are also beneficiaries of the EU PPF programme and are directly involved in the implementation:

The “EU Project Preparation Facility” (EU PPF) Programme represents technical assistance financed by European Union funds. The aim is to strengthen technical and administrative capacities of the Republic of Serbia’s administration, with regard to the management and use of EU funds and other international financial assistance, as well as to support preparation of infrastructure projects. 

The OVERALL OBJECTIVE of the PPF programme is to assist the Serbian administration to effectively manage the EU integration process and available EU funds and other international financial assistance, in order to speed up preparations for country’s membership in the European Union. 

The SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE refers to preparation of technical and tender documentation for infrastructure projects related to energy, environment, transport and social infrastructure sectors, as well as to organization of trainings for representatives of relevant local and state institutions and strengthening of their capacities.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of European Integration (MEI), Steering Committees (SC) have been set up for the EU PPF programme. EU PPF Steering Committees are composed of the representatives of Contracting Authorities, Key Beneficiaries, as well as of representatives of other beneficiaries involved in the implementation of the programme, when needed. The EU PPF Steering Committees meet at regular intervals to oversee the implementation of the EU PPF6, EU PPF7, EU PPF8, EU PPF9 and EU PPF10 projects.

In addition, the EU PPF has the following project stakeholders:

Directly involved institutions and groups

Other project-related institutions and organizations

International donors, IFIs and related projects

To carry out the main operational functions and ToR assignments of the EU PPF Programme, EUDEL, MEI and CFCU contracted a dedicated EU PPF team, which comprises of the following units:

  1. EU PPF 6 Unit;
  2. EU PPF 7 Unit;
  3. EU PPF 8 Unit;
  4. EU PPF 9 Unit;
  5. ЕU PPF 10 Unit.

The main objective of the EU PPF Units is to provide full administrative, operational, logistical and technical support to the Contracting Authorities (EUDEL and CFCU) and Main Beneficiary (MEI), as well as to the Line Ministries and other Project Stakeholders, all in accordance with the Project Activities which are described in ToRs for each separate PPF project.

Five PPF projects (jointly named as EU PPF) are currently ongoing:


  • PPF6 – EU Project Preparation Facility – Project Preparation of Investment projects / (IPA 2013)
    Service Contract Number is: 48-00-145/2014/28/EuropeAid/135637/IH/SER/RS
    This Project is implemented by the consortium of Louis Berger, GIZ, Louis Berger d.o.o and subcontractor EPCCO.
  • PPF7 – EU Project Preparation Facility / Support to IPA Programming, Trainings and Project Preparation (IPA 2013)
    Service Contract Number: 48-00-00204/2014 28/EuropeAid/137119/IH/SER/RS
    This project is implemented by the consortium led by GIZ (International Services – InS) in partnership with Louis Berger, Louis Berger doo and EPCCO.


  • PPF8 – EU Project Preparation Facility / (IPA 2014)
    Service Contract Number (CRIS)2016/381-052/ EuropeAid/137044/DH/SER/RS
    This project is implemented by the consortium of Louis Berger, GIZ, Stantec, Louis Berger doo and EPCCO.
  • PPF9 – EU Project Preparation Facility / (IPA 2014) / Service Contract Number 2020/415-787/ EuropeAid/139687/DH/SER/RS
    This project is implemented by SUEZ Consulting (SAFEGE) in consortium with EGIS, EPEM and KPMG
  • EU PPF 10 – Support for Planning, Programming and Coordination related to EU and Other Financial Assistance — PPF 10 in Serbia,
    CRIS № 2022/432-695; NEAR/BEG/2021/EA-RP/0078
    This project is implemented by International Consulting Expertise EEIG (ICE) in consortium with Business and Strategies in Europe S.A. (B&S) (BE), Kommunalkredit Public consulting GmbH (KPC) (AT) and Agenția pentru Dezvoltare Regională Nord-Est (ADR) (RO).

DIRECT OUTPUTS and RESULTS of the EU PPF activities are:

  1. Technical and tender documentation prepared for infrastructure projects related to environment, transport, energy, and social infrastructure sector.EU PPF infrastructure project location are: Loznica, Pančevo, Brus, Blace, Vrbas, Kraljevo, Sokobanja, Užice, Arilje, Požega, Kosjerić, Ivanjica, Kladovo, Velika Plana, Gilje, Paraćin, Stalać, Đunis, Niš, Trupale, Brestovac, Borski okrug (Opština Negotin), Babušnica, Bela Palanka, Prokuplje, Aleksinac, Ražanj, Kovačica, Trstenik, Knić, Mali Zvornik, Kučevo, Rača, Svilajnac, Srbobran, Smederevska Palanka, Novi Pazar, Žabalj, Mali Iđoš, Knjaževac, Svilajnac, Opovo, Bela Crkva, Beograd, Bačka Palanka, Bački Petrovac, Beočin, Temerin, Novi Sad.
  2. Enhanced Capacities of the Serbian Administration – through the Capacity building component of the EU PPF Programme, 70 trainings have been organized so far for more than 1000 civil servants, who have improved their knowledge. Trainings will continue in the following period.
  3. All programming documents required for the planning and coordination of IPA funds for 2018-2019 and 2020. The document on Needs of the Republic of Serbia for International Assistance 2014-17 with projections until 2020 structurally adjusted updated and redrafted until 2025. The strategic relevance criteria of the Project Identification Form for Social Infrastructure Projects to be included in the Single Project Pipeline (EU PPF7)

For detailed information please download EU PPF Project Visibility Brief or visit Media Corner page.

  • General Public/Society in Serbia at large (e.g. Citizens of targeted Municipalities where EU PPF sub-projects are located – end beneficiaries of the EU PPF infrastructure projects);
  • National, Provincial and local authorities and/or public companies in charge of EU integration and pre-accession assistance (Ministries, project related Municipalities, PUCs – e.g. Administration working at national and local level).

The programme will have an impact on the wider domestic population and the local community in terms of provision of better quality of life through modernized transport networks, improved energy efficiency, adequate wastewater management and improved environmental protection. EU PPF programme will also support faster transposition of EU Acquis into Serbian legislation.

Positive long-term impact will be evidenced through:

  • Trained staff of relevant national and local institution dealing with preparation of technical/tender documentation in environment, energy and transport sectors;
  • Creation of more attractive economic environment which will act as a driver for increased socio-economic development and social cohesion;
  • Enhanced living conditions of citizens and improved infrastructure in the field of environment, energy, social infrastructure and energy efficiency;
  • Strengthening the national approach towards sustainable and more efficient use of natural resources.
users will improve their knowledge through EU PPF trainings
different trainings will be held within the EU PPF program
infrastructure projects have been prepared for implementation
project units
PPF6, PPF7, PPF8 and PPF9
0 mil.
Value of EU PPF programme as EU technical assistance to Serbia
strategic programming documents fully prepared









































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