Celebrating the International Recycling Day

Belgrade, March 18th 2020

At the beginning of 2017, a team of experts working on the EU PPF program joined the efforts of the civic initiative CAP FOR HANDICAP, which promotes better and improved quality of life for people with disabilities. This action, well-known throughout Serbia, implies collection of plastic caps and lids which are later recycled in order to provide the necessary equipment and orthopedic aids for people with disabilities, thus preserving the environment at the same time.

With its participation, the EU PPF team has so far managed to collect about 50 kg of plastic caps and lids and will continue to contribute in this way and support the humanitarian actions of civic initiatives that promote social responsibility and environmental protection.

This initiative of the CAP FOR HANDICAP team has been active since September 2012 and to date more than 650 preschool institutions, about 800 primary schools, 220 secondary schools, ministries, embassies, over 580 socially responsible companies and entrepreneurs from all over Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, have participated in it. Since its inception until today, over 120 tons of caps have been recycled annually, and more than 78 orthopedic aids and supplies have been purchased.

You, as an individual, can also help. Do not throw away plastic bottle caps and lids, collect them and contact the CAP FOR HANDICAP team to arrange for pickup of the caps you have collected. The collected plastic caps can also be deposited at the pickup points of the association partners .

You can find more about this civic initiative at: https://cepzahendikep.org/o-nama/

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