Management of FIDIC contracts

Belgrade, November 19th, 2019

Good understanding of roles, duties and responsibilities of contractual parties, the Employer, the Contractor and the Engineer as well as knowledge of FIDIC contractual processes and procedures is of crucial importance for successful implementation of large infrastructure projects.

With the aim of enhancing the knowledge in FIDIC Contracts implementation and overcoming potential problems, of the employees in the ministries, city/municipal administration and public companies, EU PPF6 team organized training titled Infrastructure projects – Implementation (Key challenges from the Employer and End Recipient / Beneficiary point of view).

Maintaining open and effective communication between contractual parties, managing project changes and claims in an efficient and effective manner as well as establishment of dispute resolution mechanisms are key activities of contract management. Furthermore, maintaining contractual records related to performance of the contract is one of the segments that are critical to verify quality, work progress and other aspects of the contract. The training participants were also introduced to communication styles and necessary project manager’s skills in negotiating and organizing meetings, as well as in managing crisis and conflicts in the project team.

The training was successfully completed by 20 representatives of the Ministry of European Integration, Ministry of Finance – Department for Contracting and Financing of European Union Funded programs, and Ministry of Defence, 7 from the city/municipal administration of Blace, Loznica and Pančevo and 5 from PUCs from Kraljevo and Loznica.

For more detailed information and training material, please visit this page.