Loznica, 20th February 2018

Today the EU PPF6 team met with the representatives of MEI, City of Loznica, PUC “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Loznica and PE “Razvoj” in the premises of the City Assembly. The purpose of the meeting was agreement on provision of necessary input data and next steps in preparation of technical documentation for the wastewater collection and treatment system in Loznica.

All the participants were informed that the allotment design for WWTP location has been prepared, and new cadastral plot has been accordingly incorporated in the official Cadaster register. Thus, there are no longer formal obstacles that could hinder the process of obtaining location conditions for the WWTP in Loznica. The route of the collector from Central pumping station towards the WWTP has been also incorporated in the Plan of General Regulation.

As agreed, PUC Loznica provided data on spatial distribution of domestic and institutional/industrial water consumption in the previous five years as well as information regarding the existing wastewater collection configuration system (slopes, elevations, directions of the pipes) during the following EU PPF6 site visit on March 15th. The received data on configuration of the existing water supply and sanitary and storm water network in Loznica will be further studied and analyzed.

In the forthcoming period EU PPF6 team will organize wastewater flow measurement and sampling campaign with access to the sewerage system structures enabled by PUC as well as personnel to accompany and assist during the works.

Given that Capacity building is critical component of EU PPF6 project, the end beneficiaries of Loznica project including representatives of PUC Loznica, City administration and other local institutions and organizations that are directly or indirectly involved in this wastewater project, will participate in relevant trainings that will be organized according to their professional objectives and needs.