From procurement planning to contracting

Belgrade, April 02nd, 2019

Today in hotel Life Design in Belgrade, EU PPF6 team organized training titled Infrastructure projects – Procurement planning and preparation, basic PRAG principles and requirements, evaluation and contracting, practical examples and common mistakes. Training certificates were handed to 35 representatives from the relevant Ministries (MEI, CFCU, MEP, MAFWM, MME), city / municipal administration and PUCs.

This practical seminar was aimed in enhancing the knowledge and skills of the participants in planning and preparation of procurement according to PRAG principles and requirements as well as tender evaluation and contracting.


“Considering the extremely accelerated, integrated and global method of operation today, the ability to use the international public procurement market, along with the available EU programs and funds, is an extremely important option for any business, public enterprise or non-governmental organization. An integral part of each project proposal and an appropriate budget are tender procedures – procurement of supplies, services or specific works. With the aim of properly and efficiently launching tender procedures, opening of submitted bids and selection of bidders, as well as in case of bidding to the desired tender, it is necessary to be fully familiarized with the rules and the comprehensive documentation available. In order for the project implementation costs to be legitimate and accepted by auditors or other financial controllers, it is necessary that the tender implementation process be in line with the PRAG, a practical guide to the use of EU-funded funds.

Each contractor that has signed a donation contract financed by the European Union, when procuring services, goods or contracting works from the project budget, must comply with the principles of public procurement defined with PRAG (Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions), or the Practical Guide to Procedures for Contracting EU Financial Assistance to Third Countries. PRAG is a unique working tool that explains contractual procedures applicable to all EU external assistance contracts financed from the general budget of the European Union (Budget) and the European Development Fund (EDF).

Official European Union-wide statistical data, confirmed by the experiences of candidate countries and potential candidates, show that ignorance and misunderstanding of public procurement procedures, as defined by PRAG, are one of the most common and key risks that lead to unacceptability of project costs, and often endanger the whole project.”

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