Belgrade, November 05th, 2019

EU PPF trainings – Infrastructure projects for Energy efficiency training


Today, the second specialised training titled Planning, programming and financing of Energy Efficiency infrastructure projects was held with participation of 42 civil servants from the competent Ministries and city / municipal administration.

The EU PPF project team trainers presented the current state of affairs in the energy efficiency domain as well as the EU Energy targets by 2030 that refer to 32,5% savings in energy consumption. Funding sources, financial mechanisms as well as the necessary procedures to access and use EU funds for infrastructure projects in this field were explained in depth.

The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the experience of the EU countries in the region, specifically Croatia and Slovenia. Particular emphasis was placed on programming of EE infrastructure projects at national level and planning of such projects at local level. In fact, an example of a fundamental energy refurbishment programme of public buildings in Croatia was depicted that helped meet the goals of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive for 3% annual energy renovation of buildings owned and occupied by the government, through the model of contracting energy performance or construction works.

Later the training session also addressed an example of successful energy refurbishment programme of public buildings in the City of Ljubljana, with detailed description of conditions and criteria for successful EE projects where proper determination of energy reference costs and costs of maintenance of energy systems is essential.

For more detailed information and training material, please visit this page.