From feasibility study to tender documentation

Belgrade, March 12th, 2019

Today in hotel Life Design in Belgrade, EU PPF6 team organized training titled Infrastructure projects – Preparation of technical documentation with main emphasis on preparing feasibility studies.

This practical seminar was aimed in enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees in the ministries, city / municipal administration and public companies in preparation of technical documentation for infrastructure projects with main emphasis on feasibility study as a document that is initially prepared in this process. This training was attended by 23 representatives from the relevant Ministries (MEI, CFCU, MEP, MAFWM, MME), 12 from city / municipal administration and 5 from PUCs.

Feasibility study is a document that aids the Employer in investment decision-making and provides response to the question whether certain project is commercially and financially viable, and organizationally and technically feasible.

The term feasibility study embraces all study levels: from preliminary and previous – up to detailed and final studies. Feasibility, in terms of the title of this type of investment report, pertains to physical (technical), financial and economic feasibility, as well as rationality and ultimately, sustainability of certain investment project.

For more detailed information and training material, please visit this page.