Belgrade, June 18th, 2019

Today in Belgrade, in Falkensteiner Hotel, EU PPF8 experts team presented the Pre-feasibility Study prepared for the project “Regional Wastewater Management System for Zlatibor District”.

The aim of this meeting was to inform the project beneficiaries – the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management (the Republic Water Directorate), the City of Užice, the municipalities of Arilje, Ivanjica, Kosjerić and Požega and public utility companies from these municipalities, about the contents, findings and conclusions of this study.

The task of EU PPF8 project team was, in the course of preparation of the Pre-feasibility Study (PFS), to investigate and determine the spatial, environmental, social, financial, market and economic feasibility of the potential investment and to propose alternative technical solutions, on basis of which the relevant authorities can decide on further implementation of Zlatibor project.

The Pre-feasibility Study provides comprehensive overview of the current state and coverage ratio of the wastewater network with the main characteristics of the existing system – at the same time, that was the starting point and foundation of the financial and economic analysis, investment cost estimates, forecasts of the future system capacity as well as the environmental impact assessment. In the development of the PFS, the EU PPF team also considered the criteria and technological alternatives for wastewater treatment aimed to support the proposed measures for development, improvement and upgrade of the existing system operation, as well as for reconstruction and expansion of the existing network at regional level for all integral self-government units.

The preparation of this documentation done in accordance with the relevant domestic legislation and EU directives examines the feasibility and sustainability of the centralized wastewater collection and treatment system in Zlatibor District.

The study focused on the Institutional Analysis where, in accordance with the valid legislation, possible legal options for joint provision of utility services at regional level are presented, as well as the necessary steps for establishment of a stable and sustainable regional organization for wastewater and WWTP management system with the necessary inter-municipal cooperation and coordination.

Upon amendment of the General design in accordance with the results of this Pre- feasibility Study, further development of the detailed phases of technical documentation is required.

This is one of the nine environmental projects of the EU PPF program whose main goal is to improve the infrastructure for collection, conveyance and treatment of sanitary wastewater in Užice and four municipalities: Arilje, Požega, Kosjerić and Ivanjica in Zlatibor District in the southwestern part of Serbia.

You can find more information about project ZLATIBOR here.