Belgrade, May 29th, 2019

The fourth Sector Working Group meeting was dedicated to the discussion on the Transport sector reform priorities. The meeting was held on 29th May 2019, and instigated discussion between the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure (MCTI) and donor community on the main features of the Transport sector Situation analysis and priorities and measures identified within the comprehensive process of development the new multi-annual planning document for the 2019-2025 period.

The preparation of the Document is initiated by the Ministry for European Integration (MEI), together with the MCTI. The document aims to contribute to more effective planning of public policies within transport sector, that underpin the economic development and help Serbia to comply with the economic and political criteria for EU accession and to guide the allocation of external funding towards the implementation of national strategic reforms. The major focus in development of the document was to draft the sector Situation Analysis containing a comprehensive sector overview and assess the current situation in the sector, to provide evidence-based rationale for the choices made in setting the course for international development assistance to support national reforms.

During the meeting the MEI explained the purpose, scope and the process of development of the new multi-annual planning document up to 2025, including the presentation of the state of play related to the international assistance coordination mechanism and proposal for improvements and future functioning of the SWG mechanism. The leading sector institution concentrated on presentation of the current state of play in the sector, main challenges and needs and elaborated on the identified Transport sector priorities and measures which shall mainstream the international assistance investments in the sector up to 2025.

The following donor representatives attended the SWG meeting: EU Delegation in Serbia, German Embassy, EBRD, EIB, Russian Embassy, Bulgarian Embassy, Hungarian Embassy, UNOPS, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.